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Plan On A Folding Electric Wheelchair

Plan On A Folding Electric Wheelchair

Although many first-time wheelchair buyers are quick to decide upon an electric wheelchair, many don’t consider whether to check if they’ve bought a folding wheelchair or not until they’re in a situation where they would’ve needed it. Normal wheelchairs require a lot of effort from the user to operate, so an electric wheelchair is a clear upgrade. Sadly, not all electric wheelchairs are foldable, and this reduces your ability to travel, see others, and increases your independence from others. However, if you know what you’re looking for, and how to use it, a folding electric wheelchair can be a great benefit to its user.  

Benefits of Folding Wheelchairs

Like a normal electric wheelchair, a foldable electric wheelchair helps its user to travel independently, travel farther, and keep up their energy throughout the day. However, what makes it so different from the former is the fact that it may be folded up for storage. This means that it can be placed in the trunk of a car, in a plane, or that others can carry it to you easily. They’re comparatively lightweight when measured against other electric, non-folding wheelchairs, and ultimately helps a user to travel without worrying about dismantling the chair. Since a user is able to travel easier, this helps them stay in contact with loved ones and helps a user stay independent.   

The freedom of mobility is also beneficial towards a user’s mental health. The freedom to go and do what you want, whenever you want to is something that’s lost on many users. Through the use of a folding electric wheelchair, you’ll feel the difference it makes throughout your day-to-day tasks, and the difference it makes in helping you live out your life to the fullest. 

Are There Any Drawbacks To Foldable Electric Wheelchairs?

One disadvantage of a foldable power wheelchair is the fact that it’s larger than the standard wheelchair. A user still needs to find ways to adapt to using it in a vehicle, or around the house. However, as mentioned above, since these models of electric wheelchairs can fold, this increases the opportunities for travel and increases mobility opportunities.  

Which Folding Electric Wheelchair Is Best For Me?

One of our offerings, the EWheels EW-M45 has been named as the #1 Best Folding Power Wheelchair by Electric Wheelchairs USA. The EW-M45 is made with travelers in mind through features such as its lightweight aluminum frame, a battery life that goes as far as 15.5 miles on a single charge, a specialty foam seat designed for extreme comfort, and a large foot platform. With a back pouch for storage, it’s ready for you to go out and travel today. 

Another one of our offerings, the Karman Tranzit Go Foldable Lightweight Power Wheelchair, is a wonderful option and was named as the Best Overall Choice for Portable Power Wheelchairs by RehabMart. This chair only weighs 56 pounds without the battery, and sustains a 15-mile distance on its battery. Its removable joystick can be mounted on either side of the chair and can handle slopes as deep as 8 degrees. With other comfort features such as a padded back and a padded backside, this foldable electric wheelchair is ready to take you anywhere and help you live your life to the fullest.      

Whichever of our products you choose to order today, you’ll get free shipping on your purchase.  

Where Can I Learn More About Foldable Wheelchairs? 

mPOWER Chairs is committed to ensuring that all wheelchair users are well-informed about their options and that they receive the care and treatment they deserve. We find that a well-informed buyer is the one who is the most confident in their product. We invite you to learn more about our full collection of folding electric wheelchairs here!