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mPOWER Insights

  • The Health Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

    Standing wheelchairs have several physical health benefits when compared to a traditional wheelchair. Read more to see if a standing wheelchair is right for you.
  • Best Heavy-Duty Bariatric Power Wheelchair

    When researching the best bariatric electric wheelchairs, look no further than the Merits Vision Super P327 Power Wheelchair.  It has the suspension, stability, and durability you need to enhance your mobility and maintain your comfort.
  • Maintaining your power chair

    Maintaining your power chair Power wheelchairs are an investment for most people.  Frequent maintenance of your power chair is very important in k...
  • Why wheelchairs are needed more than ever before

    The population of the world is growing every day.  It is estimated that the world population increases by 187,500 daily.  With an estimated 7.8 bil...
  • Selecting the right power chair

    Selecting the right power chair can often be an overwhelming decision.  This guide provides some basic considerations to find the right chair for your lifestyle and environment.