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Best Heavy-Duty Bariatric Power Wheelchair

Mobility is its own form of power. It’s a form of freedom that gets you wherever you need to go throughout the day. To help you achieve that freedom, mPOWER focuses on bringing the best that mobility can bring through Merits Vision Super Power Wheelchair P327. This bariatric power wheelchair makes sure that you’re safely carried throughout the day in comfort. What sets the Vision’s wheelchairs apart from other Group 2 power bariatric electric wheelchairs is that it blends agility with power and style. 

The P327 is a high-capacity wheelchair, meaning that it can comfortably carry weight up to 400 lbs. This is in part due to its Full Suspension, which means that the chair is incredibly stable, and a user can even stand on the front plate without worrying about tipping over the chair. It's easy to get yourself on and off, or to let a loved one or helper assist you in getting in and getting adjusted. Thanks to this Full Suspension, you can experience a smooth, easygoing ride without worrying about tipping as you get in and out. 

You might say, “That sounds all well and good, but am I trading out my maneuverability in favor of a strong suspension?” I’m happy to say that the answer is no, you’re not. This is due to the P327’s powerful mid-wheel drive and its power base. This six-wheel unit maintains a low center of gravity so that it can turn on a dime while keeping its balance, while the mid-wheel drive gives the P327 unmatched support and maneuverability with a sharp turning radius of 20.7 inches. The mid-wheel drive also powers its 6” front and rear tires and 12” pneumatics mid-tires will definitely be one of the standouts when getting around.

With all of these features, it may be natural to expect it to have a shorter battery life. The battery life of bariatric power wheelchairs will vary depending on a variety of external conditions such as storage, exceeding weight limits, and outdoor temperatures. However, you can expect up to 18 hours of indoor use on a daily charge with no lag or slowdown, and a battery that stays strong throughout 1 year’s use! Onboard battery-saving measures such as the Kinetic Braking System make sure that you get the best use throughout your day. With this innovative brake system, the P327 recovers kinetic energy lost while braking and feeds it back into the battery, ultimately increasing the battery life. Worried about the battery draining while it’s not in use? Freewheel levers at the back of the chair can allow you to take the chair into full manual mode.

With an elite mobility system and strong endurance, it might be easy to overlook one of the most important parts of this bariatric wheelchair—the chair! The chair is built with comfort in mind, with amenities such as a height and width adjustable armrest and a semi-reclining backrest with a height-adjustable seat. The seat is secured through four anchor points to the chassis, which can be removed to add accessories and for easy cleaning and maintenance. Attached on the right-hand side is your dynamic controller, which allows you to easily adjust for speed and quick turns. 

With everything Merits Vision Super Power Wheelchair P327 has to offer, it’s clear that it stands out as a bariatric power wheelchair for everyone. Take advantage of its top of the line mobility to get to the places you need to go quickly. Take advantage of its power to last throughout the day without worrying about your charge. And Take advantage of its elite seat for style and comfort. Learn more about the P327 here, and be sure to check out our other best sellers here!